Chloe Xi Hua is a multidisciplinary artist and experimental filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. Originally born in China, she started her art training at the age of five. Her traditional Chinese drawing and painting training turned Chloe into a living copying machine who was very good at duplicating an image in a realistic fashion. In her early twenties, she graduated with a bachelor degree of media arts from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Upon the completion of her degree, Chloe’s first animated film Dan has been selected by multiple film festivals. Over the years, Chloe developed her passion for storytelling through different line qualities, colours, and movements.

Based on her everyday moments, thoughts, and memories, her stories are not told for entertainment purposes, but rather as a way to stay mindful. Slowing down and being present in life has always been her source of inspiration. Through experimental filmmaking, she established her commitment in telling stories through metaphors and movements that allow a variety of interpretations. Chloe hopes her stories be seen as playgrounds for her audiences’ minds to run wild and, more importantly, be present.